Home Interior Designer in Fayetteville, NC

There are endless opportunities to design an interior space you’ll love and cherish! The key is understanding which elements play a role in shaping the look, feel and atmosphere for each room. That’s where Anne Monje Designs excels. As an experienced home interior designer in Fayetteville, Vander, Eastover, and Hope Mills, NC, you can expect us to focus on your tastes, style, and preferences, to bring together home or office interior designs that exemplify your living space.

Full Interior Design

If your home needs a complete home makeover, we’re the team to deliver it. You’ll get floor-to-ceiling treatment, including furniture, accessories, décor, accents, window treatments and focal fixtures—all designed around the theme and style you love. Anne takes into account every piece, as well as how they all come together, for a full home or office interior design concept that exudes comfort, style and charm.

Remodeling Project Assistance

Modernizing or renovating your home? Lay the foundation for sophisticated, regal style moving forward. We can assist you in choosing different materials for everything from flooring and countertops to light fixtures and architectural accents. We’ll also help you tie everything together with paint colors or wallpapers that embolden the room.

Move-In Design

Moving into a new apartment or home means getting the opportunity to customize it in your own vision. Before you start moving in and unpacking, schedule your consultation with Anne, your decorator in Fayetteville, NC who can help you make that space beautiful, right from the start. From paint and decoration to arrangement and concepting, we’ll make sure every inch of your new abode meets your expectations for style, comfort and appeal, right from Day One.

Same-Day Home Makeovers

Getting ready to host a party? Need to get your home ready for the market? Have family coming into town? When your living space needs to impress, call us for a same-day home makeover. We don’t just help you rearrange—we integrate the pieces you already have into a stunning design that makes the most of your style, no matter how eclectic. From furniture on the floor to art on the walls, our visions are truly transformative.

Custom Window Treatments

Window treatments are a defining part of a home or office interior design. Use them to control natural light exposure, set the mood and dress up your walls and windows. We bring you the best in custom drapery, decorative blinds, rods, curtains and much more, so your window treatments are equal parts form and function.

Bring Personality to Your Interiors

Does your living space exude your personality and style? Is it comfortable and welcoming? Do you feel “at home” in every room? If not, it’s time to bring transformative change and new personality to your interiors. Contact us at Anne Monje Designs today at 910-670-5040 to learn more about our home interior designers and what our interior design consulting can do for your home or business.